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Medical Tourism

The concept of medical tourism is not a recent development. Around 70 AD, the Romans constructed a reservoir, a collection of baths, and a temple around Aquae Sulis, now known as Bath, England. These structures suggest that the baths were designed for therapeutic purposes rather than just for relaxation. Even after nearly two millennia, these baths continue to draw tourists from across the globe. Furthermore, during the 18th and 19th centuries, Europeans and Americans alike journeyed to distant locations seeking remedies for prevalent fatal diseases such as tuberculosis. In more recent times, Americans have crossed national boundaries to acquire specific medications at lower prices. Conversely, individuals residing overseas have been drawn to the United States for treatment due to several factors, including cutting-edge facilities, a reliable accreditation system, and medical professionals trained within the United States.

However, the trend of traveling overseas specifically for surgical procedures is relatively new and is gaining popularity. As the medical tourism market has grown, patients worldwide have chosen to travel by various means - planes, trains, and ships - to seek medical care in other countries for a multitude of reasons. Numerous medical tourism companies, essentially travel agencies that organize medical procedures abroad for travelers, have simplified the process of seeking and receiving care. Over 1.4 million US citizens journeyed to a different country for medical treatment, while the total number of medical tourists worldwide was estimated to be between 14 and 16 million. Personal Injury, Insurance.

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