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Legal Risks on Health Tourism Sector in Turkey

Health tourism is an important and growing sector in Turkey, with the country becoming an increasingly popular destination for people seeking medical treatments and procedures.

The combination of high-quality medical facilities, experienced doctors and medical professionals, and competitive prices has made Turkey a preferred destination for medical tourism.

Some of the most popular treatments sought by medical tourists in Turkey include cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments, orthopedic procedures, and fertility treatments. Istanbul, the country's largest city for medical tourism in Turkey has many world-class medical facilities and hospitals located in the city.

In addition to medical treatments, Turkey's health tourism sector also offers a range of wellness and spa treatments, including thermal springs, mud baths, and massages, which are popular with visitors looking for relaxation and rejuvenation.

While hospitals and medical doctors can provide many benefits for both patients and Turkey, there are also several risks that should be considered:

  1. Quality of care: While many healthcare facilities in Turkey are high-quality and offer state-of-the-art treatments, not all facilities are created equal. Patients may encounter substandard or unaccredited facilities, which can result in inadequate care or complications.

  2. Language barriers: Patients traveling to Türkiye for medical treatment may encounter language barriers that can make communication difficult, which can lead to misunderstandings and may lead to medical malpractice claims.

  3. Cultural differences: Patients may also face cultural differences that can impact their comfort level and their ability to communicate with healthcare providers.

  4. Travel-related risks: Traveling for medical treatment carries risks such as complications from long flights or the development of blood clots due to prolonged periods of inactivity during travel.

  5. Lack of continuity of care: Patients who travel for medical treatment may find it difficult to receive follow-up care or to communicate with their healthcare providers once they return home, which can lead to gaps in care and complications.

  6. Ethical concerns: There are also ethical concerns related to health tourism, such as the exploitation of healthcare workers and the potential for medical procedures to be performed on patients who may not fully understand the risks or potential complications.

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