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Legal Mediation for Foreign Citizens in Turkey

Legal Mediation is a valuable tool to solve problems among patients (health tourists/foreign citizens) medical doctors and hospitals/clinics in Turkey.

Mediation is beneficial for every party since it is;

  • Fast,

  • Cost effective,

  • Confidential

Mediation is a method of alternative dispute resolution that involves a neutral third party, the mediator, who assists the parties in reaching a mutually acceptable resolution to their dispute.

Foreign citizens can participate in legal mediation in Turkey, as long as they have a legal dispute that falls under the jurisdiction of Turkish law.

If you or your client are a foreign citizen and wish to participate in legal mediation in Turkey, Hanyaloglu & Acar Law Firm will handle all the steps including to find a qualified mediator who is registered with the Ministry of Justice.

It's also important to note that if you or your legal represantative wants to personally join the mediation meetings, we will supply you an interpreter to assist you during the mediation process. Additionally, our attorneys who are quite knowledgeable about Turkish health law will help you navigate the legal system and ensure that your interests are protected. Please contact us for a free evaluation.

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